Dress Your Dog in Style

Your canine companion isn’t simply a pet. He or she is a member of the family and should be treated as such. Keep this in mind as you go to purchase items for the furry friend and only buy those items of high quality. Doing so helps to ensure the item does the intended job and keeps your beloved friend safe in the process. What are some clothing designs every canine owner should consider? 


Cool Weather Clothing

When the temperatures begin to drop, humans pull out their cool weather clothing. Why not give your furry friend some extra help in keeping warm as well? Pick up a lightweight jacket for your pet to wear as you take a walk, making certain it is easily seen by others so you and the animal are not hurt. Nobody wants to have an accident and find medical care is required for either the human or dog. Fortunately, there are numerous cool weather jackets that now come with reflective elements to ensure everyone stays safe when out and about.

The Pehomie Reflective X hoodie is always a great choice. This face snap hoodie features striped fabric and is padded with feather for the canine’s comfort. The velcro sleeve is adjustable, and the jacket comes with 3M reflective tape sewed-on to help others see the pet when weather conditions are less than ideal or the light is fading outdoors. The jacket can be viewed by visiting https://pehomnyc.com/collections/pehomie/products/c2dt.



Females love to dress up regardless of their species. For this reason, a dog owner should consider investing in dog dresses for her furry companion. With a wide range of dresses to choose from suitable for any season, finding the right outfit for the occasion is perfect. Select a sundress for your dog when heading out to the park or pick up something more elegant for visits with friends at their home.

Don’t forget special occasions either. Every dog should feel special on their birthday, and the right dress can ensure your companion looks and feels great when she is celebrating her big day. Make sure to choose a dress that matches the party hats, however, for a well-coordinated look.


Rain Gear

Dogs love to play in the water, but this does not mean your canine companion wants to get wet when it is raining. Many people choose a clear see-through raincoat for their dog when they must go out on rainy days. Why settle for something plain and boring when options are available? A dog should look their best at all times, and the right rain gear helps to ensure this is the case.

Pehomie offers a Neoprene Zip Hoodies for those days when the weather cannot decide what it wants to do. It may be drizzling one minute, raining slightly harder the next, and then the sun will peek out for a bit. This jacket ensures the dog stays comfortable regardless of what it is doing outside. The satin hoodie comes with a zipper neck closure and velcro cuff so it can be adjusted for the specific dog, and the drawstring decoration ensures your pet looks stylish everywhere they go. This jacket may be seen by visiting https://pehomnyc.com/collections/pehomie/products/c5dt.

For those days when the rain is coming down harder, a more substantial covering is needed. Pehomie can be of great help here as well. The Pehomie Panel Raincoat is constructed of water-repellent fabric and features a contrasting panel to add to the visual appeal of the outfit. The snap closure features the Pehom logo face, and a velcro cuff ensures the jacket can be customized to the canine for a good fit. This coat may be seen by visiting https://pehomnyc.com/collections/pehomie/products/c4dt.

Halloween Costumes

Dogs love walks and they enjoy meeting new people. Why leave your pet at home when you go out to trick-or-treat with the kids? Dress the dog up and allow him or her to participate in the fun. It’s easy to do so thanks to the wide range of dog Halloween costumes now available. Men and women often assume they need to go with a costume that already includes a dog companion, such as Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Nothing is further from the truth.

Dress your companion up as a Disney princess or villain with the help of a costume created specifically for dogs. Every kid loves Disney movies so your dog will fit right in when strolling the streets on this special night. However, the animal may also go as a zombie canine, a pirate with a patch over one eye, or any other thing your heart desires. Dog clothing manufacturers recognize canines are treated as part of the family and offer as many options for canines as they do humans now. This ensures everyone can find the right costume for their furry friend.


Formal Wear

A formal event should not be for humans only. For instance, when a couple is getting married, their companions become part of the family too. Why should they be left out of the festivities on the big day? With the right formal wear, the dogs can be part of the fun and blend right in with the other guests.

Dress your male companion up in a bow tie and tux jacket or select a white dress that complements the bride’s attire for the female canines in the family. These aren’t the only choices, however. Imagine a wedding where the groom will be wearing a kilt to honor his Scottish heritage and the bride will be draped in the clan colors. Dress the dog in a matching kilt or a dress made from the same plaid. Beach weddings allow for more informal attire and here a sundress would be good for the female dogs while the male canines could wear something casual as well.

For a black or white tie event, tails may be needed for the males. Fortunately, dog clothing manufacturers do offer these as well. The well-dressed lady can be wearing a 24K gold dog harness complete with bling. Nothing is too much when it comes to your furry friends.

The couple being married and the dogs may wish to change their attire for the reception. Doing so while remaining fashionable has never been easier thanks to the Velvet Striped Jacket available through Pehomie. This mid-weight satin jacket features a stand collar and three color stripes sewed from collar to cuff. The velvet strips on the sleeves add an elegant touch, and the owner can quickly change the dog’s attire thanks to the front snap closure. This ensures nobody has to miss out on the fun simply because they are changing into more comfortable attire. Head over to https://pehomnyc.com/collections/pehomie/products/c1dt and check out this stylish attire today.


Holiday Attire

Halloween isn’t the only holiday throughout the year where it’s fun to dress up. Consider purchasing an outfit for your furry friend for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July or any holiday throughout the year. Many of these outfits can be worn repeatedly without looking out of place on the animal, so the dog owner gets more for his or her money. Obviously, the ugly Christmas sweater obtained for a contest should only be reserved for that event. No owner wants others to think he or she and the accompanying companion simply have bad taste!



Dogs and their owners should be comfortable while in their own home. Loungewear is the preferred choice of many in this situation, and the Pocket Hoodie offered by Pehomie is the perfect item for your canine companion. The lined hoodie is padded with feather for the canine’s comfort and the hoodie can easily be put on and removed thanks to the snap closure. A zip pocket on the back allows the dog to carry small items when you decide to go out, and the adjustment velcro sleeve ensures the elements remain away from the dog’s fur. Check it out at https://pehomnyc.com/collections/pehomie/products/c3dt.

Sweaters are another great option for when you will be staying home for the day. They help to ensure the dog remains comfortable when it becomes cooler outside. The main thing to remember when choosing a sweater is to select one that is the appropriate weight for the current temperature. Dogs cannot tell humans when they are too hot or too cold, so it is up to the owner to monitor the dog and ensure his or her comfort. The right sweater can ensure the animal is cozy regardless of how mild or blustery it is outside.


With so many canine clothing options available today, an owner may find it difficult to choose only a few pieces. Why do so? The dog should be dressed as nicely as other members of the family at all times. Make certain he or she is with the help of Pehomie and other dog clothing designers. When you take the time to learn what is available, you are sure to find numerous items your dog cannot live without.