Matching Clothing of Influencers and Their Pets

Some dog owners would never be caught dead wearing matching outfits with their furry companion. Others, however, would dress this way every day if they could. Fortunately, clothing manufacturers now recognize this and are offering more options for humans and their dogs to wear identical clothing. The following are some outfits that you may wish to purchase, especially after seeing your favorite celebrity wearing matching outfits with his or her companion. 

Puffer Vests

Julianne Hough is known to many for her fancy footwork on Dancing with the Stars. In fact, she has actually won the competition twice now. However, when she is at home she prefers to spend her time with her dogs, Harley and Lexi. They often wear matching puffer vests in coordinating colors but a human may choose a vest in a complementary color for a look that is more sophisticated. 


Halloween Costumes

Dress alike for the spookiest night of the year. Many manufacturers now offer matching human-dog Halloween costumes, and this is one option every owner should consider. Another solution, however, is to dress up as a favorite character who has a dog of the same breed as yours. Doing so ensures your pet doesn’t have to dress up any more than is necessary but the right look is still achieved. 

Lauren Conrad dressed her pups up as a prisoner and police officer. However, she could have gone a different route and dressed up as the police officer taking the two dogs on leashes to prison. Chrissy Teigen dressed her dog Pippa up as bacon on Halloween and she could complete the look by dressing up as eggs or French toast. 

These are only two of many celebrities who opted to dress their dog for Halloween and numerous others have done the same. Find a way to create matching or coordinating outfits for your furry friends this October and you are sure to be a hit everywhere you go. 

Dog-Inspired Fashions

Cruella de Vil may have been a villain in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians but her fashion sense was impeccable. If a dog doesn’t like wearing any type of clothing, consider dressing in similar colors or patterns. Don’t hesitate to add to this outfit and mix textures and patterns using a neutral palette. Those who do so will find others look to them for advice on their fashion sense as the look is so appealing. 

Graphic Tees

Another option for dog owners whose companions refuse to cooperate is graphic tees depicting a picture of the dog’s breed. With many different tees to choose from, every owner should be able to find one they love and want to wear regularly. However, don’t overlook the option of having a t-shirt custom created with the pet’s mug on it. Doing so is a great way to alert others to your precious furry friend and his or her place in your life. 

Knitted Garments

The easiest way to obtain matching garments for you and your dog is to make them yourself. It’s easy to knit matching sweaters or scarves to match your furry companion. However, not everyone has this skill and must rely on others to provide the goods. 

A dog owner might opt to forgo matching clothing for him or herself but dress the children and dogs up in matching outfits. This is an option that should not be overlooked. Grace Chon, an L.A. photographer, frequently dresses her dog and toddler in matching outfits as a way to bring attention to rescue dogs and the need for people to take these animals in. The photos are adorable and serve their purpose, as people learn more about animals in need of a home while enjoying photos of the toddler and his buddy. 



Some men and women might not feel comfortable going out in public dressed like their dog. This doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy doing so in the comfort of their own home. Wearing matching pajamas is a great way to do so without embarrassment. Many companies now offering matching pajamas for dogs and their humans so finding the right set has never been so easy. 

Canine Bling

New York remains the focus of American fashion and this is true for both humans and dogs. The dog fashion elite are known for wearing bling that rivals that of their owners. Why not pick up some new items so your dog can be the best dressed on the block? 

Homemade Fashions 

Seamstresses can easily make items for themselves and their dogs. When this is the case, the options are truly endless. Any available fabric may be used for this purpose, and the seamstress can create a new outfit for every day of the week. Matching your canine companion has never been easier when you have this skill. 



Humans and animals alike want to be warm when it is cold outside. With our help, doing so takes very little effort. Dogs and their owners can have matching jackets to look great while remaining comfortable. 

The Neoprene Zip Hoodie is a favorite with many canine owners. This neoprene paneled satin hoodie comes with a zip neck closure and velcro cuffs to ensure a proper fit. It’s an attractive item any dog would be proud to wear. However, it is only one of the many options offered by this company. 

Others find they prefer the Pocket Hoodie with a zip pocket on the back. The lined jacket comes with feather padding. Furthermore, it has a snap closure and adjustment velcro sleeve to ensure the hoodie fits the dog in all the ways that count. 

Another option dog owners should consider is the Pehomie Panel Raincoat to keep a furry friend dry when it is raining outdoors. The fabric is water repellant and features a contrasting panel. The Front PEHOM logo face snap closure adds a nice finishing touch to an outstanding garment suitable for any dog. 

If the dog’s safety is a concern for any reason, however, the Pehomie Reflective X Hoodie might be a better choice. The PEHOM logo face snap hoodie comes with a reflective strip sewed on to ensure the dog is easy to see in low light. Furthermore, this hoodie is lined to keep the canine warm and cozy. 

Celebrity Fashions

Celebrities and their dogs often dress alike. Why shouldn’t every dog owner have the option of dressing their dog like their favorite celebrity even if they can’t do the same? Many individuals are now choosing to do exactly this and their animals truly do resemble their favorite stars. Marilyn Monroe and Elvis are two celebrities that are often imitated in this way, and there are countless others. It’s one idea every dog owner should consider. 

Holiday Wear

Who doesn’t love a good Hawaiian shirt? Why not purchase matching shirts for you and your pup? This is a great way to celebrate time away from the daily grind and others are sure to notice how stylish you both look. This is only one of the many holiday outfits you should look into when obtaining matching outfits for you and your dog. Celebrities like to dress their dogs up in this way and you can do the same. 

Everyday Wear

Throw on a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans and head out for an afternoon of fun. Make sure your dog can join in and look stylish while doing so. This is among the everyday outfits a dog owner can choose for his or her companion so they match in terms of their clothing. Being twinsies is always fun for both the pet and his or her owner, so pick up some new outfits for the two of you today. 

Rumer Willis did exactly this when she dressed her dog in a matching outfit before heading out for a day around town. People commented on how cute they looked in their matching tops. Wouldn’t it be fun to have people saying the same thing about you? 


Humans and dogs alike need exercise to stay healthy. Why not do so in style? Rebecca Zamolo, a YouTube sensation, has been known to dress her dog in a Denver Broncos jersey. Show off your favorite sports team by purchasing a jersey for your own use and one for your dog to wear. It’s a great way to support the team or a favorite player and look great while doing so. 

Learn From Topher Brophy

Topher Brophy has taken dressing like his dog to a whole new level. In fact, he and his Ausiedoodle Rosenberg frequently put on matching outfits and people take notice. Brophy now has numerous photos of the two in matching outfits on his Instagram page and people follow just to see what they will wear next. This goes to show how popular the trend of dressing one’s dog in a matching outfit has become. 

People often say that dogs and their owners begin to look more alike over time. When wearing matching outfits, the resemblance becomes even more noticeable. If you have yet to buy your dog a matching outfit, now may be the time to do so. Once you see how amazing you both look, you’ll want to pick up more clothes for your canine companion so you look alike several days of the week.