The inspiration behind the 2020 Andersen launch comes from Hans Christian Anderson whose beloved fairy tales are loved by both children and adults all around the world. Pehom sets out to achieve the same vision through our apparel; our designs focus on a fantastical lifestyle with an added appreciation and creative attention to our “furry kids.”

We adopt pastel colors to create this fantasy in a harmonized atmosphere. The use of muted RED, YELLOW and BLUE are the main colors in our first collection to symbolize passion, warmth and purity. Together, they convey the characteristics a pet brings to us.

Our designs aim to express fantasy with elegance. Lately, the pet lifestyle has geared more towards the preferences and style of pet owners. Through our chic and comfortable apparel, pet owners and their furry kids will simultaneously enjoy not only a fashionable lifestyle, but also one with elegance.

Pehom is a comfort zone for people to set themselves free from the responsibilities of adulthood. We strive to establish a new platform where pets and humans can create lifelong memories and live out their own fairy tale.