Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 

It is easy to buy gifts for people with dogs or even who just love them because when there seems no appropriate gift option for the person, there is no need to worry! All a person has to do to please their dog loving family and friends is to simply buy a great gift for the dog, and what could be more fun than that? No matter the occasion, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or the celebration of a special anniversary, the way to the heart of dog owners everywhere is through their dog.

Thoughts about the Perfect Dog Owner Gift
Therefore, know the person. There are dog gifts and then there are dog gifts. Unless the recipient has demonstrated in the past that they adore all things dog, it is wise to try and determine exactly what area of the dog world the person favors. After all, the last thing you want to do is give the wrong dog lover gift. 

What breeds do they like? What is their relationship to dogs? Do they volunteer at the animal shelter? Compete in canine agility or barn hunt? Own the top-winning conformation dog of the year? The gift that might delight the shelter volunteer might not suit the conformation show enthusiast. There is such a variety of  available gifts for dog owners that it helps to narrow the shopping field a bit. The following are 22 special gift ideas sure to delight both the dogs and the dog owners in your life.

Gifts for Dogs:
  1. Hartz Dura Play Bacon Scented Rocket Dog Toy – This sturdy chew toy is sure to delight any bacon-loving dog. The dog gets many hours of satisfactory chewing. The dog owner gets to keep his furniture intact and undamaged.
  2. New Duds – A bit of well-placed canine fashion is the essential premium gift for every dog, especially those that shiver when the weather turns cool. A stylish wardrobe reflects as well on the human component of the canine-human duo as it does the four-footed one.
  3. Chuckit Ball Launcher – The Chuckit Ball Launcher is the gift for ball obsessed dogs, the ones that spend every waking moment hoping to go out back for a rowdy game of fetch. Save a human’s arm and delight a dog with this sturdy and well-made ball launcher. With the right ball launcher, dog owners can keep their dogs well-exercised without having to move from much themselves. 
  4. Pet Peek Fence Window – A great gift for the pup that has everything, but feels a little left out from time to time. With a peek-a-boo window of its very own, this fortunate pup has its own window from which to keep tabs on canine neighbors or to watch the world go by.
  5. Heated Dog Bed – This gift is a particular favorite of elderly dogs or those with compromised joints. It is also adored by all little dogs, as well as thin-skinned and short-haired dogs. As a general rule, dogs that need clothes for warmth when out-of-doors are apt to enjoy the extra warmth that a heated dog bed generates.
  6. Outerwear – Most dogs are no fonder of getting wet in the rain than their humans are, but they can’t carry umbrellas. Therefore, they benefit from appropriate outerwear such as rain boots and this adorable Neoprine Zip Hoodie!
  7. Antlers and Horns – Appropriately sized deer and elk antlers along with water buffalo horns make exceptional eco-friendly and long-lasting dog chews. Buy large chews for big dogs and smaller ones for those with tiny jaws. Antlers and horns are long-lasting, satisfying dog chews that will not splinter and which have no artificial ingredients.
  8. Obedience Training – Give the owner of a rowdy pup a session of obedience lessons. This is a gift that benefits dogs and their humans alike. Everyone benefits from this outstanding arrangement. Dogs have their manners groomed and dog owners gain a better-behaved dog. In some instances, they even end up with a new hobby! 
  9. Anderson CalfSkin Leash and CollarNothing shouts luxury like exquisitely crafted calfskin, as is the case with this calfskin leash and collar. Best of all, there is an included calfskin Anderson shoulder bag to boot so the human will feel included! 
  10. Fencing – Dogs should never be left unattended outside unless they are in a fenced yard. If the dog in question doesn’t have a secure fence, consider spending a weekend helping to install some fence posts and wire. Even a small fenced area is a great gift for dogs and people alike.
  11. Interactive Toys – Most dogs spend at least part of their days alone, waiting for their humans to stop working and come and play. Interactive dog toys help relieve the boredom of the time they must spend alone.

Gifts for Humans:

  1. Dog Sitting Services – This is one of the nicest gifts to receive, because it means that the recipient can travel to the few places they go where dogs are unwelcome. Whether one offers to stay in the home with the dog or have the dog stay in theirs, this is one gift that is always gratefully received.
  2. Canine Weathervane – It is easy enough to find a canine weathervane online, but not at all difficult to make if you have the right tools and metal-working skills. Regardless of where it originated, having a weathervane that matches one’s dog breed is a pretty cool gift by anyone’s standards.
  3. Professional Photography – Few things are as thoughtful as receiving a one-of-a-kind professional portrait of one’s dog. Some owners will choose to be in the portrait with their dog! Portraits are a memory that is forever preserved, and which gain in value as time passes.
  4. Breed-themed Home Accessories – Everyone likes for their home to reflect their tastes, as well as the things they enjoy. Home decoration is an ongoing process. When a person loves a particular breed of dog, it is a good guess that they will appreciate breed-themed home accessories, especially if the dog pictured is attractive. Look for cookie jars, door mats, wall hangings, painted boxes, in the theme of the desired breed.
  5. Dog Hobby Momentos – There are as many activities to do today with one’s dog as there is for people with children! Today, it is common for people to dance with their dogs, play on agility courses, herd sheep, do protection work, enter diving competitions, and do therapy work in hospitals and schools. No matter the hobby there is sure to be ornaments, picture frames, clothing, and more that depict it.
  6. Jewelry – Jewelry such as charm necklaces, one-piece bracelets, earrings, and even rings make great gifts. Generic pawprints are perfect for casual pieces. However, people who breed, train, or exhibit specific breeds will appreciate pieces that offer refined and accurate representations of their particular breed.
  7. Grooming – This is the gift for the person with a hairy dog. Many people enjoy having furry dogs. They love dogs with fur enough to bury their hands or faces when engaged in a petting session. However, keeping that coat looking good may require a lot of work. When the dog owner is the recipient of a grooming session, they gain a clean, sweet-smelling and properly groomed pup without having had to do a lick of work!
  8. Dog bone cookies – Nothing perpetuates the dog themed gift like making cut out cookies for humans in the shape of dog bones. Since canines are generally happy to share human food, cookies for people may be all that is needed. However, if you want to make a really great impression, try adding in some human-shaped cookies for the dog! 
  9. Industrial-Sized Lint Roller – The perfect gift for the person who has a coating of dog hair on everything they own. While they may be resigned to the furballs and canine lint that decorates their home and clothing, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look nice from time to time when they go out, hence the need of a sticky roller.
  10. Canine Cookbook – Once upon a time there were no cookbooks for dogs, as people did not generally cook for their dogs at all. Today, however, it is a different story. Not only are there cookbooks for dogs, but there are quite a few from which to choose! Take your pick from recipes for treats and rewards, daily dinners, or even special occasion cakes suitable for dogs to eat.
  11. Doggie Door – One thing many dog owners report not to enjoy is getting up to open the door so that their dog can go outside to tend to its affairs. The installation of a dog door solves this problem and allows the dog the freedom to go outside whenever it desires.

What makes it so easy to purchase gifts for people with dogs is the fact that dogs make great companions. As a result, dog people desire to include their pets into as much of their lives as possible. Anything that helps further that goal, or which reminds them of their dogs is sure to make them a great gift!