Fashion Savvy Pooches: Millennials are Prioritizing High-End Clothing for their Pets

Dog owners are more in love with their pets than ever before, and they often treat them like children. While seeing a pet in clothing would have been shocking decades ago, it is now common for pet owners to buy sweaters, jackets, and even footwear for their furry friends. Millennials are the group that is truly focused on being fashion-forward and this carries over to the outfits they purchase for their dogs. Some millennials have been known to drop up to $400 for a single outfit. 

Dog Owners Truly Love Their Dogs

Dog owners today truly love their dogs and treat them like family members. Gone are the days when dogs were simply considered “pets”. There was once a time when pet clothing was only reserved for extremely cold weather and even then, the sweaters were not considered fashionable. Today, there are companies that offer dog clothing, even creating matching outfits for dog owners and their pets. So, is this a trend that is likely to die out, or have millennials ushered in a new pet fashion era that is here to stay?

Clothing Designers Are Getting in on the Action

Years ago, you could visit a pet retail store and buy a simple sweater to keep your dog warm during the winter. You might have even found one with a cute saying or design. Today, even high-end fashion designers are getting in on the doggie wear trend, and we are seeing high fashion for dogs like never before. 

It is amazing to see high-fashion designers putting in the time to create designs for dogs. It is likely there will soon be fashion shows featuring furry four-legged models wearing the amazing fashion creations designers have come up with. 

Millennials Are Leading the Way

All the buzz of dog fashionwear can be traced to millennials who are now in their twenties and thirties. They are settling down in life and are now taking on the responsibilities of dog ownership. Although they are settling down, it is not in the way most people would expect.

Though the twenties and thirties are a time when, historically, many people settle down and start their own families, this is not entirely the case with millennials. More millennials are remaining single and focusing on their careers while becoming “dog parents”.

The lucrative pet clothing industry is being driven by the millennials and they are willing to spare no expense for their beloved pets. It is now common to see dogs wearing leather jackets or puffer coats with fur hoodies. 

Millennials are putting off having children, and some are deciding not to have offspring at all. Although their desire not to have children rules their thinking, deep down, this group of the population wants to have some type of responsibility for another life. This is what has led to such a large percentage of millennials becoming pet owners. 

Millennials are putting their full focus on their pets and spending a large portion of their disposable income on their furry friends. From pet grooming to fashions, millennials are paying out a tremendous amount of money to ensure their dogs look amazing. 

Popular Fashion Finds for Dogs

For those who are new to dog fashions, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing a wardrobe. Who would have thought doggie fur boots would be a thing. While many dog parents choose to purchase clothing to keep their pet protected against the elements, there is now a big trend that is bringing high-end fashions to the stage. So, how does a dog owner find the right fashion look for their dog?

Primarily, the clothing needs to fit properly. It is important dog owners are prepared to properly measure their dogs so they can choose the right clothing. While there are options to purchase by breed type, it is wise to know the exact measurements before making a purchase because breed sizes can vary greatly. To get the right measurements, take the following steps. 

  • Measure the girth – This is a measurement of the circumference of the dog’s body, just behind the front legs. 
  • Back length – This is a measurement of the dog’s back from their collar to the base of their tail. 

To get these measurements, it is best to use a soft cloth measuring tape because it will more easily conform to the shape of your dog so you can get an accurate measurement. Once you have these measurements ready, shopping for dog fashions will be fun. 

Sweaters – Sweaters are one of the first dog clothing types that came on the market and they continue to be popular today. Sweaters surround your dog’s body in cozy warmth and help to keep them warm even when the temperatures drop outside. Many dogs find these sweaters so comfortable they want to wear them all the time. 

Outerwear – Outerwear is fairly new to the dog fashion scene and there are so many choices it can be mind-blowing. From leather jackets to puffer coats, we are seeing the same fashion trends for humans moving over to the dog clothing market. You can purchase raincoats, cold-weather coats, parkas, and more. It is important to have outerwear that is waterproof for those rainy days and those that are lined with comfort for those cold days when your furry friend needs extra warmth to brave the elements outside. 

Footwear – Footwear is an important consideration for protecting your pooch’s tender feet. These shoes or boots can protect them from the hot pavement during the summer and keep their feet nice and warm during the winter. Some dogs find it difficult to grow accustomed to wearing footwear at first so it may take time and training to get them to walk normally. If possible, it is best to start them off when they are young so they do not find the footwear to be so foreign to their body. 

Accessories – From hats to jewelry, there are accessories for every dog. Imagine a bulldog wearing an adorable bowtie or a chihuahua wearing a cute baseball hat. There are now more ways to dress up your dog than were ever available, and millennials are loving it. Dog owners who love dressing up their dogs will even find unique costumes that allow them to express the attitude of their dog in fun photo-ops. 

It is not Just About Fashion

Decades ago, dog owners were content to purchase kibble dog food and occasionally offer scraps from the table to their dogs. Today, another trend is rising and we can thank the millennials for it. High-end dog food is more popular than ever before and it is common to see refrigerators set up in retail stores that offer freshly prepared dining delicacies for dogs. Over the last fifteen years, pet food spending has increased around 36% and there are now more high-end dog food companies than have ever been seen in the market. 

There are some pet owners who even go the extra mile and cook their dogs special foods. While some would say this is simply going too far, it appears millennials do not mind the extra cost and effort because they want their beloved pets to live as long as possible and remain healthy throughout their lives. The dog retail market is getting hotter than ever before and it shows no sign of cooling down. 

Experts suggest the pet industry is now a $225-billion-dollar industry. With such large numbers, it is clear to see the humble dog has been elevated to family member status over the last few decades. Many people spend more money on their dogs than they do themselves. 

Will the Dog Fashion Market Continue to Grow?

Right now, the dog retail market is continuing to rise and there are even fashions available for other pets, such as cats. Only time will tell how long this trend will last, but at least for now, it appears to be going strong. 

The projected growth of the pet retail industry is expected to skyrocket over the next decade so fashions for dogs are likely not fading any time soon. If you and your dog are truly inseparable, you can now purchase matching outfits to show off your comradery everywhere you go together. 


If you have not yet seen dogs wearing fashionable clothing, you likely will soon. There are so many choices on the m arket and many millennials find it fun to dress up their precious dogs for different occasions and seasons. 

For dog owners, their dogs become a big part of their family and they are now treated as if they are children with some people calling themselves dog parents. If you have a beloved dog you would like to dress, now is the ideal time to check out the retail market and see what is available. No matter the breed or gender of your dog, there is something for all to wear and it can be fun picking out your dog’s outfit each day and seeing the reactions you get when taking them for a walk.